Monitor the Web. Gather Intelligence. Gain Insights.

Inteller empowers web intelligence teams by providing them with the infrastructure and knowledge to collect, process and disseminate intelligence based on various sources on the web.
Our goal is to help our customers gather more intelligence and provide better deliverables to their stakeholders, all while optimizing their resources for efficient collection and analysis.

Web Intelligence Operations Center

  • Collect intelligence from many types of sources (Dark Web, Open Source, APIs, etc)
  • A unified platform for all intelligence needs
  • Build workflows spanning the entirety of the intelligence lifecycle
  • Unique modular approach provides high levels of flexibility and customization
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Cloud layer enables automatic updates to crawlers and other components
  • Field proven, deployed in organizations from Fortune 500 to start-ups

Web Intelligence Consulting

  • Utilize over a decade of experience in monitoring the Dark Web, providing intelligence deliverables to some of the largest organizations in the world
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of your web intelligence operation
  • Enhance the intelligence deliverables sent to stakeholders
  • Supporting your on-going operation, such as discovery of new sources, research and more
  • Tailored to existing solutions, workflows and processes
  • Training sessions and workshops on a myriad of subjects related to the intelligence work, including Dark Web fundamentals, building a Web Intelligence infrastructure and more

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