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Why Inteller

Inteller is a leading provider of Web Intelligence solutions designed to respond to the full scope of organizations’ web intelligence requirements, whether they include developing in-house operations or receiving end-to-end intelligence services. Inteller combines sophisticated proprietary tools with the highest expertise in cybercrime, identity theft and the inner workings of the dark web economy.

Advanced Technology

Our proprietary technology was designed based on our decade-worth of experience in actual cyber intelligence work, enabling efficient and effective management of in-house web intelligence operations.

The Human Element

A tool is only as good as the people who yield it. Our experienced team has been monitoring the underground economy since its early days. With vast experience and deep understanding of cybercrime, fraud and identity theft, we know how to obtain the most relevant intelligence for your business.

Customer Focus

Our solutions are tailor-made for each customer, ensuring that intelligence provided is actionable and relevant. We can help you achieve your intelligence goals, no matter what type of organization you represent or industry you operate in.

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